New Resident Evil Village Story Trailer


By Cristhian Gómez

The Resident Evil Showcase premiered on April 15 and it showed us new images of the latest game in the Resident Evil franchise: Resident Evil Village. This second trailer for the game goes a little more in depth on what´s going to happen during the campaign and believe me, it looks insane.

In this second trailer we can see new images of the village the game is centered around, as well as some of the creatures we will be facing. Some of the antagonists, like the internet favorite Lady Dimitrescu and his brother Heisenberg, also make an appearance, making the trailer even scarier.

One of the interesting things about the new trailer is that we now know more about this mysterious village. In the new images we can see normal people that use to live there, but where scared away by werewolves and other monstrous creatures. 




Image: Capcom

Apparently, the village and its inhabitants used to be protected by a “Mother Miranda”, a character that has been mentioned before but we have never seen. However, according to the villagers, Mother Miranda abandoned them and that’s why the place is now infested with horrible monsters.

Right before the end of the trailer we also get a second look at Chris Redfield, one of the most known characters from the Resident Evil saga. At first, it looks like Chris is using Ethan Winters (the protagonist of RE: Village) to complete his own mission within the village, but we still don’t know what exactly is happening with him nor what he’s doing.

The Resident Evil Showcase also revealed that the new game will have the fan-favorite mode “Mercenaries”. In this mode, players have to kill as many enemies as possible within the time limit.

You can find the full trailer here. Resident Evil: Village will hit stores on May 7 and will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia.

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