Warranty Policy

Full Warranty Policy


Clutch Chairz Ltd (referred to as Clutch Chairz from this point) warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for 3 years on chair parts such as internal steel frame (armrest, mechanism, gas lift, base, wheels, hinges or hinge covers) - subject to the limitations below:

Replacement items will be warranted 30 days from the date you received the replacement items

Coverage area: Continental United States only - Warranty coverage is not available on international orders.

The original user’s sole remedy under this warranty is limited to repair or replacement at Clutch Chairz’s option.

Consent from Clutch Chairz must be obtained before any warranty work is performed.

Damage of leather is only covered under warranty for a year.

This warranty shall not apply to any products which must be replaced due to normal wear and tear, negligence, abuse or ‘accident’, shipping damage, or product use and installation other than in accordance with written instructions or warnings.

This warranty shall not apply when a product has been modified or altered, repaired or refurbished other than by Clutch Chairz or an authorized dealer.

This warranty shall not apply to free accessories such as the lumbar support or head cushion or other free promotional items.

Warranties commence on original user’s date of purchase. Claims must be made within date of limitations.

Clutch Chairz’s warranty DOES NOT APPLY to the following:

• Nominal or normal amount of wear and tear that can occur overtime
• Failures which result from negligence, abuse, accident or misuse
• Failure to apply, install or maintain products according to Clutch Chairz's written instructions and warnings
• Modifications, attachments or repair methods not approved by Clutch Chairz
• Damage caused by a carrier in transit, or delivery/installation contractors
• Products exposed to extreme hot and cold temperatures or excessive dry environments
• Damage by marking or staining; damage by sharp objects or imprinting from instruments
• Damage of fabrics from exposure to sunlight (including UV rays)
• Products used for rental purposes

Clutch Chairz makes no warranty that any of its products are suitable for any particular purpose and makes no other warranties, express or implied, other than those set out here. As codes and standards vary from one jurisdiction to another, references to compliance are solely for convenience and without any representation as to accuracy or suitability. Users must verify the suitability of such information or product for their specific application. In no event shall Clutch Chairz be liable in either tort or contract for any loss or direct, special, incidental, consequential, or exemplary, damages.