Return Policy

Clutch Chairz Return Policy

Returned items must be unused, in their original packaging and packed as they were when they left our warehouse. Failure to do so may result in damage to the goods rendering them unsellable. The customer is responsible for return and initial delivery charges. All returns must have a valid Return Authorization number. 

Any merchandise that is refused and/or disputed with the credit card company (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express), such as using “did not receive the merchandise” is still subject to being charged for the purchase and any additional charges that Clutch Chairz Ltd may incur due to such negligent or malicious action(s). The cardholder is committing a fraudulent act and/or misrepresentation and the credit card will be further charged to offset penalties and charges as deemed to make Clutch Chairz whole. Accordingly, the buyer will be invoiced if a credit card was not used in the order transaction. Residential delivery is subject to a “left at door” policy by the carrier and will be considered DELIVERED as per the carrier status of the shipment. Clutch Chairz can request signature for Residential Deliveries but cannot guarantee such. 

An additional charge of $35.00 will be charged to the buyer should the credit card company institute a “charge-back” to Clutch Chairz and/or the original charge was deemed to be valid. Credit card companies have numerous fees and this is only to make Clutch Chairz whole, and to continue to accept credit cards as a simple form of payment for its’ customers. Should the customer/cardholder constitute additional claims the additional charges are defined below. 

An additional administrative charge will be applied should the cardholder institute additional work including, but not limited to, email correspondence, credit card processing merchant’s paperwork, and any other administrative work that distracts Clutch Chairz’s personnel from their daily duties. A minimum of $50.00 for such unnecessary actions will apply. A $100.00 fee will be charged to the cardholder should the cardholder attempt to commit a theft of goods. 

Clutch Chairz hopes every product you purchase meets or exceeds your expectations, but we fully understand that is not always possible and we will gladly try to work with you towards a mutually agreeable solution. 

Our policy of keeping returns to the bare minimum benefits all of our customers, as these costs are always passed along to all customers eventually. We feel that our customers should not have to pay for another’s mistake, negligence, or arrogance. 

Returns of UNUSED standard merchandise will be a minimum of 20% of the cost of the merchandise for restocking, less shipping and handling charges. Shipping and Handling charges will not be credited. 

• We recommend using a shipping method that provides insurance and tracking so you can check the status of your return. You are responsible for loss and damage. 
• Please allow 10-15 business days after it’s received to inspect your return and process your refund. Allow a minimum of 30/45 days for the return/credit process and posting for a credit card you will be credited in the same manner as the original purchase was made, i.e. if you paid by credit card, your credit card will be credited with the amount. 

The purchase-refund, less any exchange/return/restocking fees, will be made within 30 days of return, and may be delayed due to any damage claim by the carrier.


Refunds will be made in accordance with the following:

Refund amount depends on inspection results, less shipping, and other discretionary fees. Allow a minimum of 30 days.
We are unable to issue refunds for products returned that are refused at the destination, soiled, damaged or missing parts.
Shipping and Handling charges are not refundable, including residential fees. 


Requests to cancel or amend an order must be made by e-mail as soon as possible prior to shipment. Any e-mail messages requesting an order be changed or cancelled received after business hours will be addressed the following business day. Any order cancelled/refused after it’s shipped will be treated as a return and other costs including but not limited to shipping and handling costs will be deducted/charged. Any order refused upon delivery (unless previously arranged through our Customer Service Department) will be treated as a return and shipping & handling costs will be deducted/charged. Credit Card orders must be cancelled the day they were placed, before 5:00 p.m. Central Standard Time. Merchant Transaction fees we incur for refunding Credit Card orders totalling $300 or more, cancelled after business hours the day they were placed, will be deducted from the refund. Merchant Transaction fees are as follows: 

• Visa / MasterCard – 3.5% of total purchase price
• American Express – 4.0% of total purchase price
• Discover – 3.5% of total purchase price
• Credit Card companies charge a transaction fee, there will be an additional transaction fee of $10.00
• Cancelled orders will incur a minimum of $20.00 in cancellation fees.

A minimum 20% “restocking fee” will be assessed on any order cancelled after 24 hours, since we aim to expedite items as soon as payment is received.

A minimum of 20% “restocking fee” will be assessed to any order where the credit card transaction is declined, thus resulting in a cancelled order. The customer will be invoiced, should the credit card company decline the charge.

Credit card information remains “on file” to be charged for additional items requested at a future date, such as new orders, parts, or shipping and handling charges, and any other charges as described above. The cardholder authorizes such charges upon making a purchase from Clutch Chairz.

Please review these Site Terms of Use which govern your use of, and purchase of products from Clutch Chairz’s Site. By accessing, browsing, or using this Site, you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by these terms. If you do not agree to these terms then please do not use this Site. The above policies are subject to change without notification.