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Why Join the Clutch Chairz Affiliate Program?

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September 15, 2016
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Why Join the Clutch Chairz Affiliate Program?

At Clutch Chairz, we offer an affiliate program that we believe will help you grow. Here are some reasons why you should become an affiliate.

We’re Constantly Improving 

We are dedicated to making the best chairs for gamers, whether you play after a long day of work or play for a living. Our products are made from the finest materials and have been highly rated, so you know you’re associating with a company with integrity. We have kept an open line of communication with our customers who have helped provide feedback on our products and we have acted on that feedback when necessary. We are also adding to our product line with new equipment and accessories; you will never run out of new products to sell!

We’re Partnering With the Big Guys

Our company is growing, and we have the partnerships to prove it. We’ve joined the WWE in creating chairs based on your favorite wrestlers. We have worked with NFL, NBA, and collegiate athletes. We are partnered with most big box electronic retailers and online stores. And we’re just getting bigger. Being affiliated with us means you get to experience all the exposure that comes with working with our company and products.

Your Own Portal and URL

You can customize your own unique URL to get your viewers to check out our product easier than ever. Imagine having your own online shop where you sell your own products., with the Clutch Chairz Affiliate Program you can. What’s there not to love?

Competitive Commissions 

Every chair sold will get you 5% back on the net purchase price. As our chairs are high quality, they do sell for hundreds, so this will add up, and you can earn a lot from being affiliated with us.


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