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The Health Benefits of Gaming

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The Health Benefits of Gaming

When it comes to gaming and health, it’s always doom and gloom. “Gaming causes you to have bad posture!” “Gamers are unhealthy!” You’ve probably heard it all and are sick of it, but the truth is that gaming does provide health benefits.

Obviously, sitting down and staring at a screen for too long isn’t good for you. If you’re eating badly and not exercising, you’re going to experience some negative health issues, especially as you age.

But no one talks about the good gaming has to offer. From physical to mental improvements, gaming can actually improve you in many ways, especially if you remember to exercise and eat those snacks in moderation.

Games Lower Stress

Video games can be quite therapeutic. Sure, playing a difficult game can raise your frustration levels to the match, but if you’re playing a game that’s more enjoyable, your stress levels can lower. Had a bad day at work and are furious at your boss and coworkers? Why not mow down some people in Grand Theft Auto?

The idea of gaming making you violent has been put under scrutiny so many times, and each time, there has been little evidence to back up the claim. Instead, having a bit of fictional violence in your week can make you feel better about yourself. You probably didn’t need me to tell you about it, but it’s worth repeating.

Games Improve Your Vision

You’ve probably been told as a child to not look at the TV so much because it’ll hurt your eyes. However, this little urban legend is just that, an urban legend. Like getting cramps and drowning after you eat and swim afterward.

The truth is that moderate gaming can improve your eyes. It allows you to focus more intensely on the game, thus improving your vision in the real world. If you have visual impairments, you may find that you can focus a little better on gaming. It won’t magically turn you from nearsighted to 20/20, but you may see some improvement.

Games Make You Be Better At Decisions

In an FPS, you may have a split second to choose between using a knife or a gun. In an RPG, you may have different dialogue choices that can affect the game’s story. In puzzle games, you have a few seconds to decide where that block can go.

Being put in situations where you have to decide something quickly can improve your ability to make decisions in the real world. You’re not going to turn into a genius, or have ninja reflexes, but you may find yourself getting a little bit better at making decisions.

Develops Motor Skills in Children

Young children of the preschool age are developing when it comes to motor skills. One way to improve a child’s motor skills is to give them a controller. Some may be weary of giving a 4-year-old a controller, but a game of Mario may improve a child’s motor skills.

Video Games Make You Happy

Playing a game may help improve your depression. Of course, this all depends on the context; sometimes, you’re depressed because you spend too much time playing video games! But some moderate gameplay can put you in a good mood. It’s been shown to make the elderly happy, too.

They Improve Your Mental Health

Ever meet an old person who is sharper than someone in their 20s? They may be a gamer. Gaming, particularly puzzle games and other games that make you think, has been shown to improve your cognition, especially in older adults. Your memory can improve by gaming a lot.

A good brain is arguably more important than a good body, so by playing some games, you may be on your way to being young on the inside while you’re 80.

Gaming Can Make You Social

At first, this statement makes no sense. But think about it. Online multiplayer games allow you to play across the world, and with headsets, you can interact. You may make some friends because of gaming, and sometimes, they can transfer to the real world, too.

Offline, playing Mario Kart in the same room allows you to interact with more people. Gaming can make you bond with others, and there are plenty of conventions and meetings where gamers gather to share their love. Who says gamers have to be antisocial?

Gaming Can Help Reduce Cravings

Are you trying to quit smoking, or eat less? To get rid of the urge that tells you that one cigarette can’t hurt or one extra donut won’t do anything, you need a distraction. What better distraction than to game? Intense gaming, especially something that makes you think such as a puzzle game, can distract you from your urges until they go away.

Gaming Boosts Your Coordination

Need to improve your hand-eye coordination? Why not do some gaming? It makes sense, as gaming requires you to react to whatever is on the screen using your hands. The more intense the game, the more you hand-eye coordination can improve.

It gets better. Surgeons may use gaming to improve their coordination. Think about that. Video games, especially surgeon simulators, can improve a surgeon’s skills and make them better once the actual surgery happens. So if your surgeon is a gamer, you’re in good hands. Literally!

And More

As more studies come out, we’ll learn more about the health benefits gaming has to offer. However, we believe there are a lot more where that came from!

Of course, gaming too much can cause some health problems, but so can anything else in excess! Even exercise can be detrimental if you’re doing nothing but that. With anything, it’s all in moderation. Unlike television, gaming allows you to be interactive with the world, and requires skills, too. It’s a good way to improve yourself, whether you want to better your motor skills or just need something to do after a long game.

So the next time someone says gaming is bad for you, show them the numerous studies that have claimed otherwise.

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